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The Solitaire game you know and love with traditional Klondike rules. The goal is to arrange each suit of cards from Ace to King in the spaces at the top left of the screen. If you find an ace drag it there, then a two, then a three etc. To help reach this goal you must sort through the cards in the play area. You can move a card on to another if its number is one lower and it is the opposite color. For instance you can put a red two on top of a black three. To deal more cards tap the deck at the top right of the screen. Game options are accessed by pressing the “burger style” options button at the top left of the screen. For easier gameplay access the game settings and untick “Draw 3”, this will allow you to draw one card at a time. There is no time limit so you can play at your own pace. Enjoy!

Tap to Move: This game features “tap to move”. If you see an open move you can drag the card there or alternatively you can tap (mobile) or double click (PC) and the card and it will move there by itself. Give it a go – once you’ve tried it it is hard to go back.

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