Football Cup Superstars

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Football Cup Superstars

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Football Cup Superstars


Play one of the most accessible, exciting and fun arcade sports games in the world: Football Cup Superstars! You’re free to choose your favourite national team from among the 32 qualified squads, find numerous sports superstars from around the world, each with their own skill and personality, and score your way to glory by becoming a football champion! Run, pass the ball, dodge defenders and shoot for an amazing goal. Master your moves and grab power-ups to unleash unstoppable skills to score! Then celebrate just like your favourite sports superstars as you win your group matches, progress to the cup finals and become a world champion.
With such fun simple one touch controls that let you pass shoot the ball and score with just a tap this is the arcade football sports game where anyone in the world can challenge the world and become a champion not just football fans In fact you ll

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